BWGA Golf is an active 18H group of nearly 50 Greenwich, Connecticut resident and nonresident members.  BWGA Golf’s 18H Tuesday morning tee times are signed up and set in advance for members only, so contact us about membership today.  Greens fees are paid to the course / the Griff..

BWGA has a mentoring program to welcome new members by having them partner up with experienced members.  Mentors can advise on tournament procedures, introduce other members and answer questions.  Contact us today to get involved!

BWGA Golf’s 18H tournaments at the Griff are fun events for all abilities in competition for prizes:

  • Players sign into Leaderboard before their round.  Keeping pace of play keeps the game moving for all players.
  • Players post gross score on the tournament card…the computer calculates maximum score on any hole with the World Handicap System net double bogey which replaces ESC / Equitable Shot Control…and no gimmes, please!
  • After the round, scores are checked within the foursome, then post scores into Leaderboard.  Hit ’em straight!