Two hostesses are signed up per tournament as contacts and to organize player sign ups.  Penny is the hostess committee contact for the 9 hole group.  

The Tuesday before a tournament, the designated hostesses take the tournament sign up sheet from the ladies locker room after that week’s play and note any additional web sign ups.  The hostesses organize the player sign ups into groups and tee times.  As contacts for the tournament, hostesses may receive additions or cancellations to the tee sheet over the next 2 days. 

On Thursday afternoon, the hostesses fill out the final tee sheet and email it to tournament committee / Barbara and Susan to coordinate tee times with the other groups and the Griff’s starter for the upcoming Tuesday. 

After Thursday afternoon when the tee sheet has been submitted by the hostesses to the tournament committee, players are individually responsible to report changes/cancellations to the starter at the Griff 203 531 8253 and may be liable for any No Show fees.