BWGA Golf’s 9H and 18H tournaments at the Griff are fun events for all abilities in competition for prizes, don’t forget masks, sanitize and distancing in public spaces:

  • Sign up for tee times on Leaderboard from Tuesdays 5 pm.  Email waitlist requests to respective 9H / 18H hostesses.
  • Cancellations, including weather:  (1) contact starter 203 531 8253, less than 48 hour notice may have a fee, (2) email 9H / 18H hostesses so they can contact waitlisted players and you may (3) contact your playing partners.
  • On play date, players (1) pay greens fees at the Griff starter’s office, payment cards only, (2) pay for cart rental 9H $22 single/shared, 18H single $24/shared $36 at pro shop, payment cards only and (3) range balls available $8/50 balls at pro shop, payment cards only. Keeping pace of play keeps the game moving for all players.
  • Post gross score on the tournament card…Leaderboard calculates maximum score on any hole with the World Handicap System net double bogey which replaces ESC / Equitable Shot Control…and no gimmes, please!
  • After the round (1) scores are checked within the foursome, signed and attested on the card, (2) post scores in Leaderboard by 6 pm and (3) email a picture of scorecard by 6 pm to 9H / 18H hostesses to qualify for the tournament.  Fore!