Have you played golf before?

Newcomers can play provisionally until their handicap is established.  Complete beginners are encouraged to take a few lessons before joining the group for tournament play.

How would you describe your game?

For example, would you describe the best part of your game as good putting, good drives etc?  Which areas of your game need improvement?

Again, lessons and clinics are a great way to improve your skills and your game while keeping pace of play.

Do you have your own clubs or do you plan on using rentals?

Players are expected to have a putter, a few irons and a driver in their bag.  Rentals are available through the Griff Pro Shop $20/9H and $40/18H per round.

Are you familiar with golf etiquette?

For example, are you familiar with ‘ready golf’, bunker play and where to stand on the course?

BWGA Playing Rules cover a lot of the etiquette which is really about keeping pace of play for an enjoyable round for all players.

BWGA follows USGA required/generally accepted playing rules, including USGA’s significant 2019 revision.  In addition, BWGA highlights USGA rules with special resources–for example, out of play balls–to help keep us on track on the course.