1. USGA rules govern all events. Local rules are posted in the ladies locker room.
  2. All players must sign in on the tournament computer Tessie prior to play. If a player does not sign in, her score is not accepted for the round.
  3. Each player must post her score in Tessie immediately following the round to compete for prizes. If a player ‘no cards”, she must enter her score into the non-tournament computer Ginny. All players must leave their signed, dated and attested scorecard in the BWGA box.
  4. Members must play with members to compete for prizes.
  5. Tournaments are not cancelled unless the course is closed. No rain dates.
  6. Whenever the course stipulates ‘cart path only’, play winter rules.
  7. In non major tournaments, when player is at double par she MUST pick up and record double par plus one on her scorecard.
  8. Members may play before or after the field on non-major tournament days: (a) at least 2 members play together; (b) make tee time directly with the course, not the hostess; (c) sign up on the tournament computer prior to play.
  9. Eligible players for Club Champion need 5 BWGA tournament scores from the current season. Otherwise, a player may request a waiver in writing to the Board 2 weeks before the tournament.
  10. Most Improved Player must post at least 10 BWGA tournament scores from the current season.
  11. The Tournament and Rules Committees make all final decisions relating to golf, with the Vice President to oversee other issues.