Front 9: 2 hours 10 mins

Back 9:  2 hours 5 mins


        Play the course as you find it

        Play your ball as it lies

                                  Principles Behind the Rules of Golf, 1960

On the Tee Box

  • Limit 1-2 practice swings
  • Shorter hitters first
  • Watch other players’ shots
  • When in question, hit a provisional ball

On the Fairway

  • Limit 1-2 practice swings
  • Watch other players’ shots and help rake bunker, fill divot, fix ball mark, tend flagstick
  • Ready golf:  Plan your shot and club selection as you move to your ball, have your glove on
  • Limit lost ball search to 3 minutes
  • When sharing a cart, drive to first player’s ball and she selects club/s and plays ball, while second player drives to her ball and is ready to play

On the Green

  • Park cart or trolley between green and next hole
  • Mark, lift, clean ball, fix ball marks and line up read
  • Furthest away putts first, including those closer and off the green.  However, if furthest away has not yet reached and read her ball, go ahead and ready putt
  • When close to hole, putt out unless playing major
  • Exit green promptly after putting out then wait until next hole’s tee to put clubs away and score

On Course

  • Note summer or winter rules, which allows player to lift, clean, place fairway ball within one club’s length of original resting spot
  • Pick up after double par and score double par plus one and go to next hole for non-major tournaments
  • Keep up with the group in front – if there’s a gap, let group behind play through
  • Know USGA rules, download FREE USGA rules mobile app today, including:
  • Double hit is now no penalty, counts as one stroke
  • Grounding club in penalty area is allowed and no longer a penalty
  • Ball moved on green accidentally or after being marked is replaced with no penalty
  • Players may exchange yardage information without penalty