Tournament Prizes

  • Weekly prizes are determined by the size of the field
  • Players may win only one prize per tournament
  • For flights of 6 or fewer, one net prize will be awarded
  • Prize money is retrievable as merchandise in the pro shop unless otherwise indicated

A hole in one will not be accepted on nontournament days nor from a temporary tee or green.


The ringers shows the best gross score a player has made on each hole during tournament play during the season. End-of-season prizes are awarded for best ringer score, both gross and net, in flights. The net ringer score is a player’s gross ringer score minus her handicap at end of season.  

Eagles, Birdies, Chip Ins and Hole-In-One Club

Holes in one, eagles, birdies and chip ins are allowed only on tournament days.  The Hole-In-One Club is currently at $612, with its fund topped up by the $2 newcomer fee.  Club participants are eligible for that prize when they score a hole in one…good luck, ladies!

No individual hole scores will be accepted from temporary tees or temporary greens.  Individual hole scores are accepted for ‘no cards’ provided the round has been completed and the score posted for handicap purposes.