1. Search time — Reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
  2. Ball moved during search — Replace with no penalty
  3. Embedded ball — Take relief anywhere in the ‘general area’, except in the sand
    • ‘General area’ is the new term for ‘through the green’
  4. Measuring a drop — Use longest club, except putter
  5. Dropping — Drop from knee height rather than shoulder height
  6. Ball unintentionally hits player or equipment — No penalty
  7. Double hit — No penalty, now only counts as the 1 stroke
  8. Loose impediments — Can be removed anywhere including penalty areas
  9. Dropping a ball out of the bunker — Permitted with 2 penalty strokes
  10. Water hazards — Now called ‘penalty areas’
  11. Touching ground in penalty area — No penalty
  12. Ball moves on green after being marked — Replace with no penalty
  13. Ball accidentally moved on putting green — Replace with no penalty
  14. All damage to green — Can now be repaired
  15. Positioning a club for alignment — Not permitted
  16. Putting with flag stick in hole — No penalty, now permitted
  17. Ball wedged against the flag stick and side of hole — Deemed as holed