1. Post your score after playing, first choose your club
    • ‘Greenwich Women’s Golf Club’
    • ‘Bruce Women’s Golf Association 18 Holers (Tuesdays)’
    • ‘Bruce Women’s Golf Association 9 Holers (Tuesdays)’
  2. Click on ‘Enter a score after playing the round’
    • ‘Select a tournament’
    • ‘Enter a score after playing the round (same day only)’
    • ‘View Bulletin Board’
    • ‘Administrative access’
  3. Enter your GHIN number, then click ‘Submit’
  4. Enter your score for the round, include chip ins, then click ‘Continue’
  5. Double check your gross score and chip ins, if any, then click ‘Submit Score’
  6. Your screen should have this message before you leave Tessie:
    • Your tournament scores have been saved.’
    • ‘Return to the Main Menu’